The Times Ledger

Queens, NY

Queens Library External Affairs Director Jimmy Van Bramer has won the endorsement of Citizen Action of New York City in the race to replace City Councilman Eric Gioia (D-Sunnyside). Van Bramer was a field director for the group during its 1998 campaign to reform the city’s campaign finance laws.

The organization’s priorities include quality education and after-school programs for all children; affordable health care and promoting racial justice.

From the release:

“Citizen Action of New York City is proud to endorse Jimmy Van Bramer for City Council,” said Marc Landis, chairperson of the New York City chapter of Citizen Action of New York. “Jimmy has always stood for the ideals and issues that Citizen Action cares about most, such as affordable health care, a strong education system social justice and public financing of elections.”

In response to the endorsement, Jimmy Van Bramer said: “Working on the Clean Money, Clean Elections Campaign with Citizen Action cemented by belief in the power of grassroots organizing. By winning that fight, we struck a powerful blow against lobbyists and corporate interests who actively work to reduce the influence of the voter in elections.  I continue to fight for clean elections and am proud to say that I do not accept money from lobbyists or real estate developers.  I am very thankful for Citizen Action’s endorsement.”