Today, we joined VOCAL New York and Occupy Albany as they rallied at the Capitol to demand that Governor Cuomo and the Legislature close corporate tax loopholes that sacrifice critical revenue for crucial programs in New York State. The crowd of about 60 activists converged on both sides of the 3rd floor hallway where the Legislative Correspondents Association is housed, including the New York Post’s State Editor Fred Dicker.

News Corporation, the New York Post’s parent company, utilizes corporate tax loopholes that enabled them to avoid paying an additional $291 million in state taxes and $1.2 billion federal income taxes between 2008 and 2010. Meanwhile, their top five executives make a combined $115 million and the savings they gain by scamming the 99% of New Yorkers struggling to get by enables them to spend millions of dollars on lobbyists, campaign contributions, and accountants.

Participants chanted “News Corp!, News Corp! Pay your taxes, so we can have homes and health care access!” which was heard during Fred Dicker’s radio show while he was interviewing Governor Cuomo. News Corp pays a considerably lower tax rate compared to a family of four making $58,000 a year in New York. Meanwhile, Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch makes nearly $17,000 per hour and owns at the very least five houses around the world.

It’s high time that New York implement real tax reform that benefits the majority of working class New Yorkers – not just the 1%. Check out below for a compilation of press clippings and photos.



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