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While campaigning, Congressman Michael Grimm wrote that he put the “care” in Medicare and that Social Security discussions should be off the table because Social Security has never added a single penny to the deficit.

He depicted himself as an independent Republican believing in the necessity of bipartisanship to resolve America’s problems.

With the fiscal cliff looming, it’s incumbent upon him to transform that political rhetoric into reality. For no settlement would spell disaster for most New Yorkers as the mandated sequestration cuts would raise our taxes, slash state aid, educational and nutrition funding and severely limit Congress’ ability to provide supplemental aid to overcome the devastation of Sandy. Such fiscal irresponsibility would push our fragile economy back into recession.

No settlement can occur if Congressman Grimm continues to resist ending the trillion dollar Bush tax cuts to the upper 2 percent of Americans.

They must share the burden with us all. It is mathematically impossible to retain those Bush cuts without decimating Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid which he promised to protect.

We all know it is wiser to judge everyone, especially politicians, not by their words but by their deeds. So we will be judging Congressman Grimm.

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