WIVT | July 14, 2014 | Staff Report

One group hoping to meet Astorino tomorrow says it knows full well how he stands on one particular issue.

Anti-fracking activists plan to show up at the rally to demand that the GOP gubernatorial candidate defend his position in favor of gas exploration in the Marcellus Shale.

Organizers expect dozens of fractivists to attend.

Citizen Action’s Isaac Silberman-Gorn says his group sent a letter to the Astorino campaign outlining its concerns.

“We directed this letter with very specific citations that show different issues with fracking. His spokesperson promised us a response a couple months ago, we still haven’t gotten one and we really demand a detailed response to different issues,” said Silberman-Gorn.

Silberman-Gorn says Astorino has been a de facto spokesperson for the gas industry while out on the campaign trail, misleading voters on the potential health risks and exaggerating the potential economic benefits.

Astorino Deputy Campaign Manager Bijoy Datta says his candidate supports safe drilling because it will create jobs and that professional protesters are welcome to voice their differing opinions in a civil manner.


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