| July 9, 2014 | LTE by Isaac-Silberman Gorn

ust after air monitoring in Pennsylvania showed increased air pollutants in homes near fracking sites, a Cornell University study reveals intensified environmental risks posed by fracking wastewater. The Cornell study’s findings showed that in the case of a spill, the nature of “fracking wastewater could cause additional contamination of groundwater.”

There is a growing amount of research highlighting the hazardous effects of fracking to our environment and our health. Medical professionals have warned about the health effects from the pollutants and contamination resulting from the inherently dirty process of fracking. Respiratory problems, skin rashes and nosebleeds have been experienced by those living nearby fracking. We should be particularly concerned about the harm to children, who are still developing. Exposing young people to these levels of pollution could have lasting effects on our most vulnerable New Yorkers.

The only way to protect our state is for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ban fracking.




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