Republican and IDC Budget Proposals Benefit Millionaires
At the expense of Schools and Communities

Albany, NY – In response to the New York State Senate, and Independent Democratic Conference’s budget proposals Karen Scharff, executive director of Citizen Action of New York, said:

“While the New York State Assembly is standing up for working families by taxing the rich, funding education, addressing climate change and meeting the needs of ordinary New Yorkers, the Senate Republicans and the IDC are protecting the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us.

The Senate Republicans’ budget gives massive tax cuts to the rich on the backs of our school children and struggling communities. Although the IDC maintains current tax levels, they rejected the Assembly’s expanded millionaires’ tax, joining the Republicans in putting the interests of the wealthy over the needs of New York’s children and families.

Citizen Action’s members are outraged that the Republicans and IDC have decided to intensify racial and economic inequity in school funding by destroying the foundation aid formula and providing $600 million less for schools than the Assembly. In contrast, the Senate Democrats and the Assembly Majority stood up for our children’s future in their budget resolutions by fully funding foundation aid.

The state budget shouldn’t be an opportunity for our elected leaders to give handouts to the super wealthy. The top earners don’t need any more breaks, they need to pay their fair share. It’s time for Senate Republicans and the IDC to stand up to wealthy interests and pass a budget that invests in our schools and communities.


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