Senate Republican Health Care Bill is Repackaging of Tax Cuts for the Rich

Takes Health Insurance from 22 million people Including 15 Million in 2018

Albany, NY – In response to the Congressional Budget Office’s assessment of the Better Care Reconciliation Act, Karen Scharff, Executive Director of Citizen Action of New York, said:

“Republicans in Congress can keep repackaging this bill, making small changes, but it still amounts to a death sentence for countless people who will lose their health coverage.

“The CBO’s assessment of the Better Care Reconciliation Act shows that it’s just as bad as the House Republican Plan: poor and working class families will face higher insurance premiums and deep cuts to Medicaid while the super-rich get huge tax cuts.

“If the Senate passes this bill, all eyes will be on the seven Republican members of Congress from NY who already voted to decimate our health care system. Will they stand with their constituents or give massive tax cuts to their CEO donors?”


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