So, I have some interesting news. It’s good news, but still a little bitter sweet. This is my final Activist Check-In. As of today, I am officially the Campaigns Manager for Citizen Action’s New York City chapter. I’m really excited about this new role and have already started to do some of the work. Unfortunately, because of the scope of my new role, I will no longer have as much time to pepper you wonderful people with weekly emails discussing everything from my love of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, to that time I spent a week trying to get visual evidence of Charlie Albanetti not working (Spoiler alert: I failed). But enough about me, we have a lot to talk about this week. As many of you know, Hurricane Harvey has devastated parts of Texas. Whether you know someone out there, we should all be doing our part to provide support. Justice isn’t just a single campaign or policy victory, it’s in the everyday actions we take. The people of Texas need our support, they need our well wishes, and if you are able, they need our dollars. So please, join me in standing with Texas, is what a real warrior for social justice would do.


We are a people-powered organization. Support us in the movement for justice!

Kingston Stands with Adrin.
 A little over a month ago, a young man by the name of Adrin was body slammed and pepper sprayed by the Kingston police. Adrin was unarmed and on his way home from work. The police response to him was obviously over the top. Despite video footage that supports Adrin’s story, he had to appear in court on August 29 to defend himself against charges of carrying an open container, littering and resisting arrest. In a show of solidarity, Citizen Action’s Hudson Valley chapter attended his hearing to stand up to police brutality.

Drive for Our Lives.
 On August 29, our Southern Tier chapter joined community members and activist at the Drive for Our Lives health care event. Southern Tier patients, doctors, medical students, and activist joined forces to raise their voices in a continued effort to protect our care from the Trump administration and Republicans.

All Are Welcome Here Vigil. You know who is really good at getting stuff done and looking good while they do it? I’ll give you a hint, the Long Island Progressive Coalition (LIPC). Ok, so that wasn’t much of a hint, but seriously, they’re awesome. Yesterday, they participated in a rally in Massapequa. To do what exactly? That’s easy: They were there standing strong against the disastrous cuts proposed to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency‘s budget by Donald Trump and the Republican Congress. Long Island is serious about their climate activism.


After going on a bit of a dry spell, I have finally picked up the pen and pad for a little extra curricular writing. And if I’m going to write, why not use my words on a topic I really care about? Football. Check out my write-up on the Huffington Post about Colin Kaepernick and why we can’t let the super-rich and powers that be sanitize his story. Click here for the post.


Daily Freeman. Callie Jayne, the lead organizer for Citizen Action of New York in the Hudson Valley, stands with Adrin Broadhead, at a rally to fight against police brutality. Click here for the story.


September 4. This Labor Day, Stand Up for Strong Unions! Unions give working people more power in
Numbers to fight for a better life. Click here to RSVP

September 7. Celebrate the first Clean Energy Project financed through Broome County’s new Energize NY Commercial PACE Finance program as we commemorate the installation of a sustainable upgrade of this historic Art Mission Theater. Click here to RSVP


We’re recruiting hundreds of volunteers in key Congressional districts to speak with each and every one of their neighbors about what’s going on in Washington. This summer, we’ll be hitting doors across the state. Click here to support.

Want daily updates and live footage of our events and actions? We can make that happen (I know a guy). Click here to follow us on Twitter and get real-time updates. If you’re looking for cool articles, memes, and a little conversation, like our Facebook page here.

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