Spectrum News  |  October 5, 2017

Protesters are calling for the resignation of Henrietta Town Supervisor Jack Moore.

Town employees along with supporters picketed in front of Henrietta Town Hall demanding Moore be removed from office following several racial and discriminatory complaints.

Workers have accused Moore of using racial slurs and making inappropriate comments towards women and other staff.

According to each of the EEOC complaints he has denied discrimination against any of the parties involved.

Protestors say the allegations should be enough for the town to release Moore as supervisor.

“I’ve always believed what’s fair for one is fair for all and if there`s no fairness, if there’s no equality than it breaks down the fabric of what we are supposed to stand for as Americans,” said Scott Mangino.

Although Moore is under investigation he was endorsed as Supervisor by more than 80 percent of town union members.


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