WHAM 13  |  October 4, 2017

One week after Henrietta Town Supervisor Jack Moore was named in a number of EEOC complaints, he attended a a scheduled Town Board Meeting Wednesday night.

He was met by a handful of protesters, who call these allegations disturbing.

They have an issue with the alleged sexist, racist and slanderous behavior Jack Moore is accused of.

One of those allegations comes from a woman who says Supervisor Moore made a racist comment, using the N-word in conversation.

Others accuse Moore of workplace retaliation and making comments against women in front of an employee.

“This was a place that my heart was into,” said Henrietta town employee Scott Mangino. “Now, I look at it as my job.”

Mangino was one of many who have recently filed complaints.

These accusations came to light last week, and since then, a sea of lawn signs around town have popped up against the Town Supervisor.

Patrick Herman is the President of the Henrietta Roadrunners Association Union.

“We did a vote on it, and 82 percent of our members all agreed that Jack is the one for us,” Herman said. “If he definitely did it, he would come forward.”

Jack Moore did not have a comment following Wednesday’s meeting.

In a statement last week, the attorney for the Town of Henrietta said that if these cases result in a lawsuit, the Town and Supervisor Moore will defend themselves.


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