WHEC 10  |  October 5, 2017

Wednesday night was the first Town of Henrietta board meeting since the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled there is evidence that Town Supervisor Jack Moore made discriminatory comments about employees.

In the complaints, among other accusations, Moore is accused of saying ‘this desk is heavier than ten dead n—ers’ while helping move a desk.


Moore responded to the complaint saying it’s coming from disgruntled employees who are out to get him. During Wednesday meeting, members of the community came into the crowded board room infuriated by Moore’s comments. But there were some people there to defend him.

None of them hesitated to speak their minds.


“I am actually embarrassed to say I live in Henrietta because all the fighting and the accusations that’s been going on,” says Gladys Hargrave Reeves. “And don’t think these kids aren’t watching. They are watching everything that we do.”

“He’s not a bad person at all,” says Patrick Herman, president for town employees union. “He treats all his employees with respect. None of us have had any issues with him whatsoever.”

Despite the controversy, Henrietta town union workers announced their support for Jack Moore. Eighty-two percent of union members who voted, endorse Moore for town supervisor.


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