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In this age of Trump and his disastrous policies, we find ourselves in a spiral of resistance. How do we turn that Resistance into Power? We must fight for something, and not just against something. What type of world do we want? What do we need to do to get there? What power do we already have? Who is on our side?

Join Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as he speaks to us about his role in protecting New Yorkers from Trump. As the highest ranking law enforcement officer for the State, Eric has taken on the tough fights to protect New Yorkers – because he believes there has to be one set of rules for everyone, no matter how rich or powerful.

Eric has taken a leading role in this fight, and encourages members of the community to take action in a meaningful way to achieve the world we want to see. Citizen Action of New York will offer a strategic plan to build power in the Hudson valley as well as education and training so that we can can take back CD19.

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