Event Details

Please join us: Press Conference “Who is paying for Stefanik’s Trumpcare vote?” Thurs. July 20, noon, at Rep. Stefanik’s office, 136 Glen St, Glens Falls NY 12801.
Please join us; RSVP & invite your friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/328513747606126.
This press conference will address both:
Who are the Insurance & Big Pharma corporate interests who are funding Elise Stefanik’s campaigns, and what are the massive tax breaks they would receive from the Trumpcare bill that Stefanik voted for.
Who are the people who would pay more money for healthcare, and who pay with their health if their healthcare is taken away.
The press conference will feature speakers on this issue, and a delivery of wheelbarrows of Money Bags symbolizing the legalized bribery that allows billionaire Corporate interests to corruptly buy political influence.
Organized by Citizen Action of NY, NYS Nurses Association, Saratoga Progressive Action, 1199SEIU, other endorsing groups in formation.
We invite people to speak about their personal & families healthcare that is threatened by Trumpcare, and people to speak on behalf of local groups & unions. Please let us know if you would like to speak.


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