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Unshackle Upstate’s Brian Sampson is making the news circuit these last few weeks with the message that Fair Share Tax Reform would cause small businesses to fire workers (the Fair Share Tax Reform is making progress in Albany with bills that would create new NYS marginal tax brackets starting at $250,000). He says that 75% of small business owners pay taxes through personal income tax.

Ok, sounds like a reasonable concern, right?

Meanwhile, back in the reality-based community According to James Parrott, of the Fiscal Policy Institute, “only 1.4% of tax units with small business income were in the top two federal tax brackets, i.e., over $250K.” The VAST majority of small business owners don’t make that kind of money and therefore would never be subject to the Fair Share tax.

And let’s think about Unshackle Upstate’s logic for a minute. Imagine you are one of the rare group of small business owners netting over $250,000. The new Fair Share Tax Reform tax bracket costs you about $70 a week extra. Are you going to fire a worker to recoup that seventy bucks?

The good news is that Sampson’s disingenuous media forays are the last gasps of a sinking trickle down theory. Wanna see a New Yorker laugh in your face? Tell them that tax breaks for the rich create jobs.