2009 – September 22

GHI/HIP and the Need for Federal Health Care Reform (click to download PDF)

Group Health, Inc. (GHI) and HIP Health Plan of New York (HIP) are two long-time non-profit health insurers that affiliated in 2006. (In this report, the combined company is referred to as “GHI/HIP”). GHI/HIP is the largest health insurer based in New York State, with a combined membership of more than 4 million members in several northeast states, including New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, and combined revenues of over $7 billion. In 2006, the two companies became units of the same company, EmblemHealth.1 GHI/HIP now operates three health insurance plans in New York: GHI HMO Select and HIP HMO, both of which are HMOs, and Group Health, Inc., a non-profit indemnity insurer.