2011 – November 17

Testimony of Eileen Hamlin, Statewide Board Member of Citizen Action of New York, to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation on Hydraulic Fracturing

Representatives of the New York State Department of EnvironmentalConservation (DEC): my name is Eileen Hamlin. I am a statewide board member of Citizen Action of New York, a membership organization that advocates for social,racial, economic and environmental justice with chapters or affiliates in seven communities throughout New York State. I also chair Citizen Action’s Southern Tier chapter.

For the reasons I discuss below, Citizen Action is totally opposed to hydraulicfracturing, or “hydrofracking” in New York State. However, today I speak not just as a representative of Citizen Action’s over 20,000 members, but as a thirty-year resident of Broome County whose quality of life will be seriously harmed by thispractice. My own story should stand as a dramatic example as to why the second draft of the Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (the “draft EIS”) is completely insufficient and that DEC should not allow hydrofracking in the Marcellus Shale.

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