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In Buffalo, on May 7th, city residents will vote for new members of the Board of Education. Now, more than ever, we need champions of education who will fight for our Public Schools, and, more importantly, for our children. We need Board members who will listen to and work with the community to implement and enforce policy that will keep our students safe and in school. In light of this, the Western New York Chapter of Citizen Action has proudly endorsed candidates for the 2013 Buffalo Board of Education!

The 2013 Citizen Action endorsed candidates are:

  • Sharon Belton-Cottman – Ferry District
  • Sue Gillick – North District
  • Ralph Hernandez – West District
  • Mary Ruth Kapsiak – Central District
  • Rosalyn Taylor – East District

Each candidate was asked challenging questions from supporting the new Code of Conduct and ending out-of-school suspensions for non-violent incidents to rallying against the parent trigger. Each candidate thoughtfully and professionally responded to our inquiries, and they all support the work that we are doing to improve the Buffalo Public Schools.

In addition, we are proud to be an active participant in the campaign of our very own Sue Gillick! Sue is a board member of Citizen Action who has been working hard with us to stop the push out and end the school to prison pipeline. She has 35 years experience in the public education system, and she holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology as well as state educational certificates in both building and school district administration. Sue was born and raised in Buffalo and is a proud graduate of Riverside High School. Sue is running for the North District seat on the Board of Education to fight for our children and our community to keep our students safe and in school and to stop the threat of privatization. Click here to download Sue’s flyer.

All of the candidates who Citizen Action has endorsed will improve our Buffalo Public Schools, and with your help, we will win this election and beat the pro-privatization agenda. Please look for updates about this pivotal election in the days to come.

On Tuesday, May 7th, we will elect champions of Public Education in the city of Buffalo!

In Solidarity,


Brian Trzeciak
Lead Organizer
Citizen Action of New York