What Have We Been Up To?

Tin Horn Uprising provided the soundtrack to  a particularly theatrical Faso Friday, with a special street art performance by Healthcare Union 1199 and the New York State Nurse’s Association (NYSNA)Aca. Passerby nearly missed it, due to a U-Haul that mysteriously appeared right in front of  721 Broadway about an hour prior to our arrival, but with the help of our artistic allies, we were able to get a little bit louder and show Faso that we’re not going anywhere — at least, not without our health care.

What’s Happening This Week?
While we work on putting together this summer’s special events, we encourage you to lend a hand with our weekly outreach activities, which we have listed below.

Is there an issue you’re itching to take action on?
Subscribe to our Google Calendar to learn more about our specialty committees and when they meet.

Ongoing Outreach
Monday and Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.
We have snacks, scripts, and plenty of seats. All you need to bring is your phone and your charger!
*Note: Tuesday phonebanking is canceled for the holiday. Spend a little extra time with the people you love!

Community Canvassing*
Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.
Saturday at 10:00 a.m.
*If you love outreach and live in the city of Kingston, ask about joining our
Block Captain program! Email Callie (cjayne@citizenactionny.org) to learn more.

Faso Friday
721 Broadway, Every Friday at 12 noon.
With those who favor oppression doing everything they can to obscure us, now’s the time to show up and make some noise. Bring signs, props, and persistence.

Save the Date!
Saturday, July 29th
Kingston Point Beach
Summer Beach Party
Come soak up some sun and help us kick off our summer-long Activist Scavenger Hunt!
Stay tuned for details!

Saturday, August 12th
Academy Green, Kingston
Citizens’ March*
* The definition of the word “citizen” is “an inhabitant of a particular town or city”. We chose this name to combat the right-wing rhetoric and help change the narrative around what a Citizen really is. We welcome all concerned members of towns and cities across the Hudson Valley!

The Trump budget will be devastating for all, and we must make sure our voices are heard!
We believe that we can do better.
Come march to show that we demand a budget that meets everyone’s basic needs, regardless of their age, ability, financial or immigration status — a budget that does not take from our most vulnerable to give tax cuts to the most wealthy.

RSVP Here. If you are part of a group that wants to endorse this event, please fill out this form.

“How Else Can I Show Support This Summer?”

Sign-up to make calls from home to people in states whose Republican Senators could be the deciding vote in defeating this disastrous bill. You’ll be able to transfer them right over to the office of the person they need to contact!

Join Citizen Action of New York’s Rapid Response Team to receive text alerts about emergency actions taking place across the state.

Not sure which recipe to bring to your next summer gathering? Let us test a few out for you!  Our food team is always looking for new members to fuel the resistance!

Keep us going all year round by becoming a monthly sustaining member of Citizen Action. A few dollars donated each month really add up over the course of a year! One-time contributions can also be made through our ActBlue Site.