What Have We Been Up To?

Shout out to everyone who showed up to Monday’s vigil. It was astounding to see such a massive crowd assemble on such short notice. Thank you for your commitment to battling hate every day of the week. Please read below to explore other ways you can aid us in this fight.

What’s Happening This Week?
On Wednesday, August 23rd, we will be hosting a congressional candidates’ forum at the
Old Dutch Church (272 Wall Street) in Kingston. Citizen Action is excited to offer an opportunity to ask questions of Democratic Primary candidates, and and begin to learn who among them has a vision for our community that suits the priorities of all people, and not just the super rich.

We have confirmed Jeff Beals, Steven Brisee, David Clegg, Antonio Delgado, Brian Flynn, Gareth Rhodes, Pat Ryan, and Sue Sullivan.
We are still seeking volunteers to ensure that this event runs smoothly. If you are able to transport materials from Peace Nation Cafe to the church, fold programs, make signs (one for each candidate’s name), or assist with check-in and seating, please contact Callie at [email protected]

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Ongoing Outreach Opportunities

Tabling Committee
Represent Citizen Action at community events and answer any questions your neighbors may have about that cool maroon t-shirt you’re always wearing.
If you are interested, please contact Shelley: [email protected]

Monday and Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.
7 Grand Street, Kingston
We have snacks, scripts, and plenty of seats. All you need to bring is your phone and your charger!

Community Canvassing*
Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.
Saturday at 10:00 a.m.
Start at 7 Grand Street, Kingston
*If you love outreach and live in the city of Kingston, ask about joining our
Block Captain program! Email Callie ([email protected]) to learn more.

Faso Friday
721 Broadway, Every Friday at 12 noon.
Bring your favorite sign and your loudest voice!

Save the Date!

Tuesday, August 29th

Kingston City Courthouse (1 Garraghan Drive)

8:15 a.m.
Stand with Adrin
On July 20th, a 24 year old Kingston resident was walking home from work when police stopped him to question where he was going, and where he had been. They asked him what was in his hand, and he was holding a beer.

3 – 4 cop cars arrived, and because he had no identification on him, the officers kept asking him to repeat his name.

A cop came up behind him and tried to put his hands behind his back – before he knew it he was face down on the ground.

While on the ground – curled up in a fetal position, he was pepper sprayed and tased by officers of the Kingston Police Department. He is bruised, scratched and swollen.

His charges were: Littering, Open Container and Resisting Arrest.

Despite video footage that supports Adrin’s story, this young man will again appear in court on August 29th to defend himself against charges of carrying an open container, littering and resisting arrest. He was attacked by Kingston Police Officers, and couldn’t do anything to protect himself for fear of becoming just another Hash Tag.

We will again come together to show Adrin he has the community behind him. Too many young black people are chewed up and spit out by the justice system, and we need to show Kingston Police that we stand with Adrin, and demand that his charges are dropped, and that the officers and the department are held accountable.

#StandWithAdrin #NoJusticeNoPeace #BlackLivesMatter

Bring signs and invite a friend. This is big.

“How Else Can I Show Support This Summer?”

Are you the owner or operator of a local business? Would you like to support Citizen Action by providing donations at various community-engagement events  in exchange for our loudly-and-publicly-expressed gratitude? Please contact Callie: [email protected]

Not sure which recipe to bring to your next gathering? Let us test a few out for you!  Our food team is always looking for new members to #FeedTheResistance!

Keep us going all year round by becoming a monthly sustaining member of Citizen Action. A few dollars donated each month really add up over the course of a year! One-time contributions can also be made through our ActBlue Site.