Activists from Buffalo Endorse with Plans for Going Door-to-Door

Buffalo, NY – Today, Citizen Action of New York announced its endorsement of Vanessa Glushefski for Erie County Comptroller. Glushefski, an attorney and Certified Public Accountant, has inspired Citizen Action members by focusing on doing what is fair and just for all people in Erie County. Because responsible investment of county funds is essential to keeping county services sufficiently resourced, Citizen Action members decided to make an endorsement in this race. In support of Glushefski, Citizen Action will mobilize a door-to-door campaign to spread the word about the candidate.

“Vanessa Glushefski is a person we can trust: she believes in racial and economic justice and will work tirelessly to ensure that our limited resources are used wisely,” said Samantha Nephew, Community Organizer at Citizen Action of New York. “She’s not interested in personal power, but is driven by her values to be a public servant and understands that our local economy can only thrive when working families are able to get to work.”

As the endorsed Democratic and Working Families Party nominee for County Comptroller, Vanessa Glushefski looks forward to putting her skills in to work for the  people of Erie county.

“When I see a problem in my community, I am driven to fix it,” shared Glushefski. “That is why I became an attorney and a CPA— to serve my neighbors. When I realized that the county budget was being managed so inadequately, and the effect this had on the families in our region, I had to do something. I’m grateful for the support of Citizen Action, who share my belief that our community deserves better.”

Members and volunteers of Citizen Action of New York noticed this important race was being overshadowed by other hotly contested primary elections. “The most important reason to vote for Vanessa is her solid qualification for the position – a lawyer with an M.B.A.  The second most important reason is that, as an African-American woman she will add to the diversity of the county administration.  To better serve all of the residents of Erie County it is critical that our government reflect the gender, racial and ethnic diversity of our community,” said Ellen Kennedy, a long time member and one of the founders of Citizen Action in WNY.

Those interested in volunteering should contact Samantha Nephew at

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