Do you ever wonder if Donald Trump gets tired? Is there like a moment in the day where he’s worn his self out from being a racist, blowhard, that brags about sexually assaulting women, and just collapses into his bed? I’m starting to think that he’s immune to fatigue, because every-time I turn around he’s saying, or doing something problematic. The word vomit from his administration can make it hard to focus. As inept as he has proven to be, he is still getting a lot done, and much of it for the benefit  of corporations, and the super rich. I try to remind myself what’s at stake when his words become too distracting. Because, when he’s not saying something infuriating on twitter, he’s probably ushering policies that help the rich and hurt the poor. And if he’s not up to no good, one of his administration officials are. The resistance is how we fight back. Here is how we did that last week.



Education is a Right. Last week we joined the Alliance for Quality Education as part of a national day of action, to speak-out against the Trump-DeVos cuts to education. We started at the Trump building at 40 Wall Street in New York City and march to the U.S. Department of Education. When security wouldn’t let us into the building, we decided to host an impromptu rally in front of the building.

Counselors not Cops. On September 22, we joined the Urban Youth Collective, and the Far Rockaway Task Force at the Department of Education, for a youth-led rally and march to end racist policing policies and practices in our schools. We called for an immediate end to arrests and summons in schools, as well as a full divestment from school policing. You can read the full platform here.


October 18 – Reversing Runaway Inequality

We live in a new gilded age – an era in which a disproportionate share of national wealth creation accrues to a handful of oligarchs. Even worse? A portion of this wealth is “reinvested” in pliable politicians to ensure the system stays rigged. Sadly, we know that communities of color are often the hardest-hit and that inequality exacerbates many societal issues.

The Reversing Runaway Inequality event on October 18th will take a closer look at how inequality affects education, affordable housing, and the criminal justice system.

When: October 18th

Where: 2006 Westchester Blvd, Bronx New York

FB Link: Here


We are working hard to fight back against billionaire attacks on our health care, public education, Social Security and environment is to organize a grassroots movement of working people to win political power. At Citizen Action of New York, we’re building that movement block by block, door by door.

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