Last week, CAWNY revisited having our monthly meetings that will be held every final Friday of the month. Folks gathering for justice in the fields of civic engagement and education is a beautiful sight to see.

I see the path toward building power with everyone in this room. It’s my hope you’ll join us for our next on on October 27th. As someone said at our meeting, “It’s so invigorating and hopeful when a room full of like minded individuals come together.” Let’s build. Bring your friends!

Part of what was discussed was one way in which to resist and come together as a collective to tell our neighbors to vote NO on the Constitutional Convention. Citizen Action has joined a coalition of groups that say #NoConCon! Details on those efforts TBA.


October 9 – Citizen Action is doing a training with the Stronger Together Network at 3PM in the downtown library.

October 10 – The Citizen Action Education Committee will meet at 49 Virginia Place at 6PM.

October 14 – Citizen Action and its community partners are coming together to host the Anti-Gentrification Summit and how all of our work is intersectional in nature. Public education is very much affected by climate change and other issue areas that we fight for. Register here to attend. Saturday October 14, 9AM – 4PM.

Reminder! Citizen Action will continue to let our neighbors know about Vanessa Glushefski – help us get her elected! Like Obama told us, grab a clipboard and get to work. That definitely means our local politics! We’re going out this Thursday 5:30-8:00. And of course, we will have people on hand to help train you for your time on the door.

In solidarity,