New York, NY — Citizen Action of New York has announced its endorsements of Alessandra Biaggi (District 34), Robert Jackson (District 31), Blake Morris (District 17), Zellnor Myrie (District 20), Jessica Ramos (District 13), and Jasmine Robinson (District 23) for New York State Senate.

Biaggi, Jackson, Myrie, Ramos, and Robinson are challenging former members of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), a group of elected Democrats that caucused with the Republicans from 2011 until last month when the conference was dissolved under increasing pressure and scrutiny.

Blake Morris is challenging incumbent Senator Simcha Felder, who is the only Democrat in the Senate to still caucus with the Republicans.

Despite New York voters electing a Democratic majority, the IDC and Senator Felder shifted the balance of power from the Democrats to the Trump Republicans. This has allowed the Senate to block legislation that would help working families and low-income people in our state.

Citizen Action seeks to elect a new wave of leaders who will put the needs of hardworking New Yorkers before political gamesmanship.

“The Bronx is tired of living with a power-hungry politician whose only goal is to serve his corporate backers while the rest of us suffer. It’s time for Jeff Klein to go,” said Martin Gawoski, Citizen Action member and resident of the 34th District. “Alessandra is constantly working for this community, whether it’s sharing her knowledge of the system or going into the neighborhood to talk to people about the issues. Alessandra has proven to be an ally and someone I would be proud to have as my State Senator.”

“Receiving the support of Citizen Action New York is a major milestone in my State Senate campaign. I share its concerns about the education of our children, quality health care for all, and the poisonous effect of money in politics. I’m looking forward to working with Citizen Action to ensure social and economic justice for all New Yorkers,” said Alessandra Biaggi, Democratic candidate for New York State Senate (District 34).

“Rather than fight for policies that would help struggling people in our state, the former IDC members–led by Jeff Klein–have spent seven years negotiating backroom deals and enhancing their own political power,” said Courtney Miller, member of Citizen Action of New York. “Citizen Action is proud to be standing behind six tremendous progressive candidates committed to putting people before politics.”

“Thank you to Citizen Action for believing in my candidacy. As a first time candidate, I am very humbled and honored that I received this organization’s endorsement. Citizen Action shares the same unbossed and unbrought philosophy as me,” said Jasmine Robinson, Democratic candidate for New York State Senate (District 23). Together we will work to increase awareness about our failing public schools, broken public transportation, and the unjust treatment of people of color–especially our immigrant communities of color. This is a new chapter for the both of us. We will go from demonstration to legislation!”

“Thank you to Citizen Action for their support and confidence in our campaign and the work they do every day to make our state fairer and our future brighter. We look forward to working with them to grow our people-powered campaign to defeat the incumbent Trump Democrat and bring new progressive leadership to the State Senate to fund our public schools, reform our rent laws, knock down barriers, and create opportunity for all,” said Robert Jackson, Democratic candidate for New York State Senate (District 31).