Grassroots Momentum for Community Candidates Can’t Be Stopped

Albany, NY – Responding to results in today’s Democratic primary election, Karen Scharff, Executive Director of Citizen Action of New York, said:

“The power dynamic at the Capitol has shifted and there’s no turning back. The upset victories by community candidates challenging IDC incumbents are a mandate to end the political system controlled by the wealthy and well-connected. A powerful movement supported by grassroots, community power has shifted the nature of New York politics, changed what’s possible, and cemented racial and economic justice as the true measure of successful public policy.

“Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams ran campaigns that generated unprecedented grassroots enthusiasm because they put the needs of ordinary people first. These campaigns represent the start of a new kind of politics in New York that will only grow.

“In this election, New Yorkers demanded fully and equitably funded public schools, fixes to our racist justice system and an end to cash bail and solitary confinement, legalization of marijuana. They demanded an end to real estate developers and landlords raising rents and forcing people out of their homes and communities. They demanded Medicare for All, so that no one ever has to go bankrupt because they can’t afford health care in New York. And they demanded that every New Yorker have an equal voice in this democracy by ending the influence of big money in politics.

“There’s a wave of real populism sweeping the country and today we saw it in New York. To those who use their money to control our politics, know this: your days in power are numbered. New Yorkers have shown they are ready to demand change”