Dear Activist,

We did it! Not only is small donor public financing in the Senate and Assembly budget proposals, we got our elected leaders to place a $1.2 billion down payment on the $4.1 billion owed to our public schools. We’ll be pounding the pavement over the next several weeks to make sure these proposals STAY in the budget. Let’s keep the pressure up!

– Ravi


Our New York City leaders visited the offices of Senator Luis Sepúlveda and Assemblymember Marco Crespo to voice their support for small donor public financing in the budget.

The Capital District’s Women of Color Committee met with Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes to talk about small donor public financing, equitable funding for our schools, and ending money bail.

Capital District leaders are continuing to demand that Albany County passes paid sick days legislation, so workers are no longer forced to choose between going to work sick or losing out on critical pay.


Cuomo is Wrong About the State Senate Democrats” by Rosemary Rivera and Daniel Altschuler in City & State:

“State Senate Democrats are not especially vulnerable in 2020, and they should go big in what remains of this legislative session. They should pass public financing of elections, which will also help them stave off efforts by rich individuals and business interests to buy future state Senate elections for Republicans. They should restore access to driver’s licenses to all. They should pass universal rent control legislation.”

Pied-à-Terre Tax Should Be Just The Start” by Jessica Wisneski and Michael Kink in the Gotham Gazette:

“These times call for us to have the courage to demand that the wealthiest New Yorkers pay their fair share. New York is already the most unequal state in the country, with the top 1% taking home 45 times more than the bottom 99%. The Trump tax scam has only made the problem worse, as billionaires are now benefiting from some of the lowest tax rates in decades.”


Utica – Friday, March 15th at 4:30 pm – Rally to Fund Education and Small Dollar Match – Community rally for education funding and democracy reform. RSVP on Facebook

Buffalo – Saturday, March 16th at 2 pm – Fair Elections and Education Community Forum – Town hall event on education funding and democracy reform. RSVP on Action Network

East Setauket – Friday, March 22nd at 5 pm – Cocktails for a Cause – Happy hour fundraiser for Long Island Progressive Coalition. RSVP on Facebook


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