Rochester Grassroots Organization Announces “Schools Not Jails” Slate of Candidates

Rochester, NY — Citizen Action of New York has announced its endorsement of Ricardo Adams, Beatriz LeBron, and Anthony Hall for RCSD School Board; Shani Mitchell for Monroe County District Attorney; and Nicole Morris for Rochester City Court.

“The school-to-prison pipeline has continued to disrupt our communities and funnel more and more of our young people into a discriminatory justice system. The candidates who make up our ‘Schools Not Jails’ slate are not afraid to speak out on the harms of mass criminalization–both in our schools and in our neighborhoods–and are calling for real structural change,” said Stephanie Vargas, member of Citizen Action of New York.

The school board candidates were selected for their commitment to educational equity and community collaboration. Adams, LeBron, and Hall have advocated for restorative practices, greater parent engagement, student-centered resources, and equitable funding for public schools.

“Citizen Action of New York is one of the most progressive grassroots organizations fighting for education and helping to ensure that every child in the state of New York has access to high-quality public education and after-school programming,” said Beatriz LeBron, Rochester School Board Commissioner. “As a mother first, the work and effort they do on behalf of children, including mine, is invaluable. And for these reasons I am honored and proud to receive Citizen Action’s endorsement.”

“I am especially honored to be endorsed by Citizen Action of New York because they are ‘of the people.’ Being endorsed by the people feels good. The ‘Action’ in Citizen Action has been very important for defending public education, and I look forward to our continued work together,” said Ricardo Adams, candidate for Rochester School Board.

“I would like to thank Citizen Action of New York for their support as I move forward in this process,” said Anthony Hall, candidate for Rochester School Board.

District Attorney candidate Shani Mitchell and City Court candidate Nicole Morris stood out for their deep knowledge of criminal law and their understanding of racial and economic imbalances in the justice system.

“I am proud and honored to receive the endorsement of Citizen Action of New York. I share Citizen Action’s dedication to the reformation of the criminal justice system such that all persons affected by this system will be confident that equality and fairness is the standard,” said Shani Mitchell, candidate for Monroe County District Attorney.

“I’m thrilled to receive Citizen Action of New York’s endorsement. I share their commitment to equity and justice, and will work to ensure that every person in my courtroom is treated with fairness and dignity,” said Nicole Morris, candidate for Rochester City Court.

Citizen Action of New York is a statewide, grassroots organizations with eight chapters and thousands of active members.