Grassroots Organization Urges Democratic and Working Families Primary Voters to Stand Behind Progressive Candidates

Albany, NY—Citizen Action of New York has endorsed John Schoonmaker (District 2), Laura Petit (District 8), Carolyn Hansen (District 18) and Kathleen Nolan (District 22) for Ulster County Legislature; and March Gallagher for Ulster County Comptroller.

These candidates were endorsed for the upcoming June 25th Primary for their commitment to expanding affordable housing, preventing the displacement of long-time residents, and combating the climate crisis through good-paying, green jobs.

“The in-depth knowledge and the energy of candidates we’ve interviewed and endorsed has been inspiring. Their dedication to affordable housing, green energy, racial justice and simply the betterment of Ulster County gives me hope,” said Elizabeth Strum, Citizen Action leader and Endorsement Committee member. “Kathleen Nolan, Laura Petit, Carolyn Hansen, and John Schoonmaker are stepping up with a progressive vision for Ulster County.”

“I am seeking re-election to the Ulster County Legislature to bring a strong progressive voice in service of working families and all members of our diverse and creative community. I deeply appreciate and am energized by Citizen Action’s endorsement, as I look forward to continuing to work closely together on shared priorities such as dismantling racism and promoting racial justice, addressing comprehensive campaign finance reform, making a speedy and just transition to a fossil-fuel free energy future, and offering all children a high-quality education,” said Kathleen Nolan, candidate for Ulster County Legislator (District 22).

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of Citizen Action of New York.  I have long admired their commitment to grassroots activism and look forward to continuing to work with them to promote our shared progressive ideals as a member of the Ulster County Legislature,” said John Schoonmaker, candidate for Ulster County Legislator (District 2).

“The endorsement of Citizen Action means a great deal to me. As a progressive, their ideals and objectives resonate with me,” said Carolyn Hansen, candidate for Ulster County Legislature (District 18). “The work of Citizen Action and groups like it are very important to the well-being of people throughout our society.”

“I thank Citizen Action for their endorsement as I continue moving forward and fighting for the dignity and integrity of all citizens in our community while taking a leadership role in protecting our environment,” said Laura Petit, candidate for Ulster County Legislator (District 8).

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Citizen Action because we share many areas of common vision,” said March Gallagher, candidate for Ulster County Comptroller. “Citizen Action’s work on a progressive tax system, quality education and healthcare align with my goals of transparency and more effective services through good fiscal oversight. Furthermore, recognizing and working to address institutional racism will be an essential component of my smart audit approach to county programs and operations.”

The Ulster County Democratic Caucus will choose the Democratic candidate for County Comptroller at their June meeting. Nolan and Schoonmaker face Democratic primary challengers in the June 25th election. Petit faces a primary on the Independence Party line. Hansen and Nolan are being challenged by their Republican opponents on the Working Families Party line.  

Citizen Action members and leaders plan to support these progressive champions through door knocking and phonebanking and other means of direct voter outreach throughout the month of June.