Grassroots Group Endorses Progressive Leaders Pushing for Earned Sick Days in Albany County

Albany, NY—Citizen Action of New York has announced its endorsement of seven candidates for Albany County Legislature ahead of the June 25th Primary:

  • Lucille McKnight, District 1
  • Norma Chapman, District 4
  • Samuel Fein, District 6
  • Douglas Bullock, District 7
  • Lynne Lekakis, District 8
  • Alison McLean Lane, District 14
  • Paul Miller, District 32

These current Legislators have shown a deep commitment to the issues facing working people in Albany County. They have consistently prioritized the needs of everyday families, and not simply deferred to powerful business interests looking for quick profits.

County Legislator Douglas Bullock, the lead sponsor on the paid sick days bill, has shown particular courage and leadership through his tireless advocacy for legislation that improves the health and wellbeing of Albany County residents.

“Citizen Action of New York is appreciative of our endorsed candidates’ support for paid sick days,” said Ivette Alfonso, President of Citizen Action of New York. “Legislator Doug Bullock has been an outstanding champion for Local Law C, working to educate his fellow legislators about the positive impacts of such a law on families across Albany County. More than ever we need elected leaders who will put community need before private greed.”

“Paid sick days are absolutely necessary for a healthy and productive workforce. While campaigning, I have found the issue is tremendously popular with constituents. They understand that workers shouldn’t be forced to go to work sick, which gets others sick in the process,” said Douglas Bullock, candidate for County Legislator (District 7). “I’m grateful to Citizen Action for their endorsement and support for paid sick days. Now is the time to stand up for the 50,000 Albany County workers who lack this basic protection.”

The vote on the paid sick days bill, Local Law C, is scheduled for Monday, June 10th.