Schenectady, NY—In response to the race for Mayor of Schenectady, Jamaica Miles, State Organizing and Training Director of Citizen Action of New York, has issued the following statement:

“Thearse McCalmon’s campaign is only the start of a growing movement for justice and equity in the City of Schenectady that won’t stop, no matter the outcome of this election and no matter how much Mayor McCarthy wishes it away. We will work every day to shift the balance of power in Schenectady to prioritize people over the profit of a few big developers, so we no longer have one of the highest poverty rates in the state and low-income communities with the lowest life expectancy rates in the Capital Region. And we’ll continue to fight to end the mass criminalization of our community that’s led to our area having the highest marijuana arrest rate for Black people in the state. 

“No more waiting. No more excuses. Schenectady will do better.”