Community Group Urges Voters to Support Candidates Who Commit to Advancing Justice in Hudson Valley

Kingston, NY — Citizen Action of New York has endorsed Pat Ryan for Ulster County Executive, Dave Clegg for Ulster County District Attorney, Steve Noble for Kingston City Mayor, March Gallagher for Ulster County Comptroller, and Andrea Shaut (Alderwoman-at-Large), Jeffrey Ventura Morell (Ward 1), Reynolds Scott-Childress (Ward 3), Rita Worthington (Ward 4) and Michele Hirsch (Ward 9) for Common Council. 

The grassroots membership organization also endorsed the following candidates for Ulster County Legislature: Aaron Levine (District 1), John Schoonmaker (District 2), Abe Uchitelle (District 5), Peter Criswell (District 7), Laura Petit (District 8), Adriana Magaña (District 14), Tracey Bartels (District 16), Carolyn Hansen (District 18), Manna Jo Greene (District 19), Eve Walter (District 20), Lynn Archer (District 21) and Kathy Nolan (District 22).

“We’re endorsing candidates who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and commitment to advancing our racial justice agenda. Their dedication to better education, affordable housing and renewable energy gives Ulster County residents great hope,” said Loriman Rhodell, Co-Chair for Citizen Action of New York’s Endorsement Committee.

Over the past year, Citizen Action members have been going door to door across the region, hearing the concerns of Ulster County residents. It’s clear that our communities need leadership that will fight systemic oppression by ending mass incarceration, making housing a human right, providing quality education to every student, and ensuring clean air and water for every family. The endorsements announced today reflect Citizen Action’s vision for a community that meets the needs of everyday New Yorkers.

“One of my top priorities as County Executive is to ensure justice for all residents — a mission that Citizens Action works toward every day. I am honored to have their endorsement and to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the fight to redefine justice in Ulster County,” said Pat Ryan, candidate for Ulster County Executive.

“I’m thankful for the Citizen Action endorsement because there is no other organization that better aligns with my values: rehabilitation, safety, and a fair and equitable justice system for all,” said Dave Clegg, candidate for Ulster County District Attorney.

“I am excited to partner with Citizen Action again to continue to advance our shared vision for environmental protection, housing justice and investment in local infrastructure. I want to thank our local chapter for supporting my candidacy. I look forward to continuing to work together over the next four years to fight for the people of Kingston,” said Steve Noble, candidate for Kingston Mayor.

“I am honored to receive the Citizen Action endorsement. My personal values align directly with the Citizen Action platform, including supporting public education, racial justice, fair elections, affordable housing, and a fair and progressive tax system. I am pleased to be running with the other strong candidates endorsed by Citizen Action,” said March Gallagher, candidate for Ulster County Comptroller.

“I am humbled to be Kingston’s candidate for Alderwoman-at-Large. If elected, I will be the first woman to hold this office — a profound privilege that I do not hold lightly. It is an honor for my candidacy in this special moment of history to be endorsed by Citizen Action, an organization I have deep respect for,” said Andrea Shaut, candidate for Alderwoman-at-Large, Kingston Common Council, Ward 9.

“It is a huge honor for me to be endorsed by Citizen Action of New York. I have always looked up to them as an organization. Their message of social, racial, and environmental justice and the fight against inequality through grassroots efforts is one of the reasons I decided to get involved in local politics. So this is a full-circle moment for me. I will continue to do my best to live up to those ideals,” said Jeffrey Ventura Morell, candidate for Kingston Common Council, Ward 1.

“Citizen Action works hard to achieve equity for people on a range of issues, including healthcare, education, racial justice, fair elections, an equitable tax system, and of course a concern that’s very important to me: ensuring quality affordable housing for all. Having worked with many families at risk of or experiencing homelessness here in the City of Kingston, I will work to blunt the impact of our housing shortage, caused in no small part by skyrocketing rents. I fully support the adoption of the Emergency Tenant Protection Act and any additional legislation necessary to keep our community safely and stably housed. I want to thank Citizen Action for their endorsement of my candidacy for Alderwoman of Ward Nine, because together we can achieve great things for the people of our city,” said Michele Hirsch, candidate for Kingston Common Council, Ward 9.

“I am pleased that Citizen Action has confidence in my candidacy and my ability to be an effective Ulster County Legislator. I respect its work on behalf of all hardworking New Yorkers and look forward to collaborating with Citizen Action in the future on issues affecting our community,” said Aaron Levine, candidate for Ulster County Legislature, District 1.

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of Citizen Action of New York. I have long admired their commitment to grassroots activism and look forward to continuing to work with them to promote our shared progressive ideals as a member of the Ulster County Legislature,” said John Schoonmaker, candidate for Ulster County Legislature, District 2.

“I thank Citizen Action for their endorsement, as I continue moving forward and fighting for the dignity and integrity of all citizens in our community, while taking a leadership role in creating local job opportunities and safe, affordable housing,” said Laura Petit, candidate for Ulster County Legislature, District 8.

“I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of Citizen Action of New York. Their grassroots work is incredibly important in holding elected officials accountable — especially on issues of social, economic, and criminal justice. Increased awareness and an activated public are real power. I look forward to working together to ensure a more equitable future for all Ulster County residents,” said Tracey Bartels, candidate for Ulster County Legislature, District 16.

“The Citizen Action endorsement is important and reflects my and Citizen Action’s commitment to accomplishing important objectives for our community,” said Carolyn Hansen, candidate for Ulster County Legislature, District 18.

“I want to thank Citizen Action of New York  for their excellent work promoting social and environmental justice. Although I am running unopposed, it is an honor to be endorsed by and affiliated with this impactful organization, especially now when their efforts are so needed,” said Manna Jo Greene, candidate for Ulster County Legislature, District 19.

“Social awareness and active engagement have been ingrained in me since I was born. Social awareness meant showing up at everyone’s battle, not just one’s own while active engagement meant bravely adding my voice to this awareness by speaking out against unfairness. In Ulster County, I have fought for better funding for youth services, measured the impact of restorative justice, examined more reasonable responses to crime, and examined pathways to reduce the opioid epidemic. Within the county, I fought to save and maintain a community theater. As a planning board chair, I speak up for the balance of old and new, and encourage affordable housing and green development. Statewide, on the New York State Commission on Women’s Suffrage, I speak out about the progress and shortcomings of women’s equity. This social awareness and engagement drew me to be a part of the Ulster County legislature as an effective way to make a change. I understand the social and economic needs of our county, as I have served it for decades ‘on the ground.’ I feel more prepared than ever to show up, speak up, and make a difference for our county and all of its residents. As a candidate, I represent both the vision of Citizen Action and the people it serves. As an individual, I have shared Citizen Action’s progressive agenda as I fight for equality, public education, and healthcare. This endorsement acknowledges all of this,” said Eve Walter, candidate for Ulster County Legislature, District 20.

“I am seeking re-election to the Ulster County Legislature to bring a strong progressive voice in service of working families and all members of our diverse and creative community. I deeply appreciate and am energized by Citizen Action’s endorsement, as I look forward to continuing to work closely together on shared priorities such as dismantling racism and promoting racial justice, addressing comprehensive campaign finance reform, making a speedy and just transition to a fossil-fuel-free energy future, and offering all children a high-quality education, including after-school and other enrichment programs,” said Kathleen Nolan, MD, MSL, candidate for Re-Election, Ulster County Legislature, District 22.

Citizen Action of New York is a grassroots, member-based organization with eight chapters and affiliates across New York State. They work to create transformational change in pursuit of social, economic, environmental, and racial justice.