Albany, NY—In response to the court ruling released today relating to the Public Financing of Elections Commission, Jessica Wisneski, Co-Executive Director of Citizen Action of New York, said:

“This ruling checks Governor Cuomo’s power to abuse his office by taking personal vengeance on his political enemies and protects the rights of third parties to participate in the democratic process.

The leaders of the legislature should move immediately to introduce and pass, through regular legislative process, the recommendations created by the Public Financing Commission enacting a small donor matching funds system that empowers everyday New Yorkers.

In hearing after hearing last year, the Public Financing Commission created by Governor Cuomo heard from the public and experts directly, and their solution to the problem of big money in politics was clear: Create a system that matches small contributions from average people. 

New Yorkers have demanded action for years to reduce the influence of hedge fund billionaires, luxury real estate developers and the charter school industry. We need immediate solutions that put power in the hands of those without the resources to write thousand-dollar campaign checks. Protections that should be available to every New Yorker, like paid sick days or an end to unjust evictions by predatory developers, have been blocked in the halls of the State Capitol by just a few big donors.”