Albany, NY – In response to New York’s sudden decision to delay implementing a statewide Paid Sick Leave policy during the COVID-19 global health crisis, Blue Carreker, campaigns manager at Citizen Action released the following statement: 

“While we applaud the Governor and the Legislature for understanding the urgent need to provide paid sick days and job security to workers impacted by COVID-19, it is disappointing that lawmakers have decided today to only pass the emergency portion of the legislation and move the portion providing basic protections to all workers back into the budget process. 

There is no excuse to deny the right of all workers to paid sick days. We can’t let opposition from big business lobby groups like the Business Council prevent New York State from catching up to its neighboring states and finally provide all workers with basic paid sick leave.

Citizen Action calls on state leaders to move quickly to put in place the permanent paid sick days benefits all workers need to care for themselves and their families. Delaying passage of paid sick days statewide will leave all of us more vulnerable at a time we can’t afford to be.”