Albany, NY—Citizen Action of New York announced its next wave of endorsements for New York State Assembly and Senate races in the Capital Region. Citizen Action is backing Brittany Vogel in Assembly District 107, Joe Seeman in Assembly District 112, Claudia Braymer in Assembly District 114, Patrick Nelson in Senate District 43 and Thearse McCalmon in Senate District 49.  

“Citizen Action of New York is honored to support these five candidates running in our local suburban-rural districts. These districts are currently represented by Republicans who have been unsuccessful in addressing the needs of these districts,” said Ivette Alfonso, Citizen Action president. “Our endorsed candidates are all energetic, progressive and committed to bringing employment, universal broadband and universal affordable health care to these underserved regions of New York State.”

Citizen Action cites each candidate’s commitment to centering the voices of everyday people and championing issues of racial, social, economic and environmental justice as key reasons for its endorsement.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Citizen Action of New York as we continue to do the work of improving the quality of life of working families in New York and rooting out corruption from our political system,” said Patrick Nelson, candidate for New York Senate in District 43.

“This is an extremely crucial election for all levels of government—our democracy and country are on the line. I am honored to have the backing of Citizen Action of New York in our upcoming battle to flip this district blue. It is time we have representation for all New Yorkers of the 49th,” said Thearse McCalmon, candidate for New York Senate in District 49. 

“Change always happens from the bottom up. Having the support from a grassroots organization like Citizen Action means that we can organize and mobilize together to bring our voices to the Assembly and fight for a better world for working people,” said Brittany Vogel, candidate for New York State Assembly in District 107. 

“When I wanted to get involved in the fight for Real Democracy and for Economic, Racial and Environmental Justice, I joined Citizen Action. Now I’m immensely proud that Citizen Action has joined my campaign to represent the people of Saratoga and Schenectady counties and fight for the 99% in the New York State Assembly,” said Joe Seeman, candidate for New York State Assembly in District 112.   

“I’m excited to have the endorsement of Citizen Action, and I look forward to working together to tackle the problems facing North Country working families, like improving access to affordable housing, broadband, child care, and a quality public education for our children,” said Claudia Braymer, candidate for New York State Assembly in District 114. 

Citizen Action of New York is a grassroots organization with eight regional chapters and thousands of active members across New York State. The organization works on issues important to our communities, including limiting the influence of money in politics, guaranteeing livable wages and economy-boosting jobs, strong public schools, ending mass incarceration, and more.