Utica, NY— Unprecedented early voting and mail-in ballots means that we may not have results on election night, but members of Citizen Action of New York’s Central New York chapter are hoping for progressive wins no matter how long it takes to count every vote. The chapter gathered Tuesday night in a largely virtual setting to watch results come and celebrate the historic turnout. 

“The historic voter turnout we are seeing in this election is proof that when there is a lot on the line, when our values are at stake, people will come together to make sure our common values shine through. Our chapter has connected with thousands of voters to get out the vote in support of Working Families Party candidates like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, because we need to vote Trump out and continue building a power-powered movement here in New York. Now, we must protect our votes and make sure every vote is counted.

“There have been a lot of things during 2020 that have felt ‘out of our control.’ But I think people are realizing that there is something that we control: the election. It’s time to remind Americans that democracy literally means ’the people hold power.’ We are reclaiming its true definition.”

Citizen Action of New York has made more than 30,000 calls and sent over 100,000 text messages to voters in the weeks leading up to Election Day.