Albany, NY—In solidarity with the nurses of Albany Medical Center and the New York State Nurses Association who are on strike today demanding safety and workplace protections amid a resurgence of Covid-19, Citizen Action President Ivette Alfonso released the following statement: 

“Long before Covid-19, the nurses at Albany Med were fighting for better working conditions, including stable hours, conducive nurse-to-patient ratios and fair pay. But their fight to be safe at work is even more critical now. No nurse anywhere should have to worry about having personal protective equipment during the pandemic to shield themselves from the virus. Nurses have literally put their bodies on the line for our communities, day-to-day, working to put their patients’, our families, needs first. As our frontline workers, who is looking out for them? We cannot allow money to come before human decency and worker protections. It’s time for a new tune from Albany Med management. Our nurses deserve a fair contract. These protections are critical as our community braces for new cases of Covid-19 and create a just recovery for all.”