New York, NY—Citizen Action of New York is backing a slate of progressive community leaders who are running for New York City Council. This slate includes Mino Lora (CD11), Marjorie Velázquez (CD13), Althea Stevens (CD16) in the Bronx, Sandy Nurse (CD37) in Brooklyn, Tiffany Cabán (CD22), and long time member/Citizen Action leader, Jesse Laymon in Queens (CD26). Citizen Action is also endorsing longtime progressive champion, Jumaane Williams, for re-election for the office of New York City Public Advocate. 

“It’s an honor to be selected by Citizen Action of New York in this first group of progressive champions for 2021,” said Jesse Laymon, a City Council candidate from District 26 in Western Queens. “Citizen Action is an unwavering force for justice in New York, especially racial justice, and as my campaign is focused on the causes of racial justice and climate protection, having the support of Citizen Action is an incredible validation of that focus.”

“I am proud to have the support of Citizen Action of New York in my campaign for City Council,” said Althea Stevens, candidate for City Council from District 16. “Whether fighting for affordable housing, justice reforms, or economic justice, Citizen Action never backs down from the fight to create change. I’m looking forward to working with them to continue building a grassroots movement to transform and empower our communities, and create a better Bronx for us!”

“Citizen Action of New York has been on the frontlines for our working families for many years,” said Marjorie Velazquez, candidate for New York City Council from District 13. From their fight for a higher minimum wage to stronger tenant protection laws, they have been dedicated to providing a better quality of life for our families. I’m excited to receive their endorsement and look forward to championing the fight for our working families.”

Mino Lora, City Council candidate from District 11, said, “Honored to receive the endorsement from Citizen Action of New York! For years, I taught during the day, while waiting tables at night — still unable to make a living wage, or afford healthcare. These are defining experiences I share with so many, and these are the fights Citizen Action of NY takes on and wins big for the Bronx. Now we’re in this together: People first, justice always.” 

“I am so grateful that Citizen Action is supporting our people-powered campaign here in District 37,” said Sandy Nurse, candidate for City Council in District 37. “From fighting for equitable public schools, to calling for housing as a human right, Citizen Action is our ally in the fights that are so important for our working families. Citizen Action knows that change comes from the grassroots, and that’s our campaign’s belief as well. With Citizen Action joining our multi-racial, multi-generational movement, change is coming to our communities. Together, we are unstoppable.”

“Citizen Action and I share a theory of change that calls for big bold transformative change, not small incremental reforms, and I am so proud to have their support for our movement here in Queens,” said Tiffany Cabán, City Council candidate from District 22.  “Citizen Action is a proven leader in fighting for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice, and is unafraid to call out the forces that stand in the way: racism and capitalism. They do the work, plain and simple, and our coalition is stronger than ever with this endorsement.”

Stanley Fritz, Citizen Action’s Political Director, said, “We are excited to announce our support for these forward thinking, progressive New York City Council candidates. Our slate includes leaders who have been part of their communities for years, advocating for their neighbors and organizing around social justice issues like affordable housing, education, and police accountability and transparency. These are the leaders we need on the Council to not only ensure a just recovery, but also equal representation that reflects the diversity of the city.”

A statewide grassroots organization with eight regional chapters and thousands of active members, Citizen Action endorses candidates for public office who are committed to fighting for a truly progressive society that works for all of us. We work on issues such as safe and affordable housing, health care, education, justice reform, fair elections and more.