Albany, NY– In support of the Good Cause eviction bill being considered in the city of Albany, Citizen Action President Ivette Alfonso released the following statement:   

“It must be unequivocally clear that the Good Cause legislation being considered by the Albany Common Council is not rent control. It shields tenants from predatory evictions that keep them from building stable lives and prevents them from being uprooted from their communities. Prior to the pandemic, the city was indeed taking steps to opt into tenant protections like rent stabilization, which was extended to communities outside of New York City when the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act passed in 2019. However, this package of legislation proposed by Mayor Sheehan is not that.

“Good Cause eviction does not prevent property owners from filing evictions but instead provides a lawful basis for justified evictions. We applaud the Mayor’s office, the bill sponsors on the Albany Common Council, and most importantly: the residents who are fighting to get this bill passed. We hope to see more council members lend their support for this measure to ensure we build an Albany that works for the many, not the privileged few.”