Albany, NY – Ahead of the June 22 primary elections, Citizen Action of New York is backing a slate of progressive candidates that will fight for transformational change in the Capital Region.

Citizen Action announced its endorsement of the following Albany Common Council candidates: Sonia Frederick, 1st Ward; Steven Negron, 3rd Ward; Gabriella Romero, 6th Ward; Violetta DeRosa, 7th Ward; Owusu Anane,10th Ward; Alfredo Balarin, 11th Ward. Citizen Action also endorsed Omar Sterling McGill for Schenectady County Legislature in District 1.

Sonia Frederick, who is running for re-election in Albany’s 1st Ward, said, “I am honored to have the endorsement of Citizen Action for re-election and I will continue to push progressive values in the City of Albany.”

Steven Negron, community activist and first-time candidate for Albany Common Council 3rd Ward, said, “I am honored to receive Citizens Action’s endorsement. I look forward to working with them and ensuring we get good cause eviction passed! As well as addressing the dire needs of our communities such as police reform and community investment, we need to free Albany from corporate interests and start adhering to the people’s interests. Albany needs bold new leadership.”

Gabriella Romero, first-time candidate for Albany Common Council 6th Ward, said, “As the city of Albany battles unprecedented challenges in public health, schooling, housing, policing, and accessibility, combined with the collapse of small business, Albany cannot afford timid steps or weak leadership. With a career dedicated to strong advocacy and strategic collaboration in an adversarial system, I am well prepared to stand up for progressive reforms. Further, as a public defender representing hundreds of people within the city of Albany, I see the impact of our unjust criminal justice and healthcare systems—forces that criminalize poverty, mental illness, and addiction. I will fight against these inequalities daily, and I am uniquely situated to identify the areas for change. As the next Councilwoman in Albany’s 6th Ward, I look forward to standing up, unapologetically, for our neighborhood and city.”

Violetta DeRosa, first-time candidate for Albany Common Council 7th Ward, said, “While some say ‘see something, say something,’ I say, see something, do something! My actions are guided by my core values of compassion and courage and I will fight so that our community needs are met fully in the highest standards of equity.”

Owusu Anane, who is running for re-election in the 10th Ward, said, “Despite the unprecedented challenges these last four years, in concert with great allies like Citizen Action, we’ve accomplished so much. Let’s continue the progress and move the 10th Ward and Albany Forward.”

Alfredo Balarin, who is running for re-election in the 11th Ward, said, “Thank you Citizen Action for your support and hard work. I look forward to continuing to work with neighbors, community leaders and residents on issues that make our city a better place to live.”

A grassroots organization with eight regional chapters and over 30,000 members across New York State, Citizen Action of New York works on issues important to our communities, including fair elections, equitable school funding, housing for all, environmental justice, and ending mass incarceration.