Voters elect a bold, progressive and new generation of City Councilmembers

New York, NY – In response to the results of the 2021 Democratic Primary Election for New York City Council, in which Citizen Action backed a slate of progressive, people-powered candidates, Stanley Fritz, Citizen Action of New York’s Political Director, said:

“New York’s 2022 City Council will look a lot like the city and demonstrate the power of publicly financed elections, this time with a fresh crop of incoming council members ready to shake things up. Thanks to small-donor matching for elections and New York’s expansive new voting law, grassroots candidates were able to run to represent the communities they know and love. We look forward to having a strong base of new leaders on the council that will help bring the city into the future. Out of the 51 open council seats, Citizen Action of New York announced ranked-choice endorsements for 22 candidates in communities throughout the city. Our people-powered candidates are ready to fight to strengthen our public education system, make housing for all a reality, ensure communities have access to quality healthcare and mental health services and defund the police.

“Candidates like Tiffany Cabán in Queens, Althea Stevens and Pierina Sanchez in the Bronx, Sandy Nurse in Brooklyn, and others, have shown that they are ready to bring the change the city desperately needs, from holding police accountable to ending the school to prison pipeline. NYC voters are showing they want truly bold, progressive leadership that will tackle the issues that have been ignored by mainstream, centrist Democrats in New York State, and that energy will now flow right into the 2022 statewide and legislative races across the state. While we may not know the results of the Mayoral election for a few weeks, we know we have a council that will work to make sure this city works for everyone, not just the ultra-rich and corporations.”