Albany, NY – In response to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation in the wake of the state Attorney General’s independent report into his misconduct, Citizen Action Co-Executive Director Jess Wisneski released the following statement: 

“New Yorkers are desperately in need of a state government that puts them before Andrew Cuomo’s personal and political interests. Finally, Andrew Cuomo has resigned and we can do that.

“Soon, Lt. Governor Hochul will make history as our state’s first woman governor. We urge her to make it her first priority to remove all those who allowed the governor’s abhorrent behavior to persist.

“The fight to eliminate toxic and discriminatory behavior does not begin or end with the executive chamber. Sadly, the details of the Attorney General’s investigation is indicative of a pervasive problem that impacts women from all walks of life. It is the duty of our government to help bring us closer to a future where women are believed, protected and supported.

“New York is at a crossroads. We must choose to recognize the inherent human dignity of every person. We must hold housing, food, and healthcare as human rights. We must remove the influence of big money in our political system. Until the next election, all eyes will be on our state’s leaders as they make the choice to continue Andrew Cuomo’s legacy of protecting the wealthy and well-connected, or to finally put everyday New Yorkers first.”