Albany, NY – In response to New York Governor Kathy Hochul announcing Senator Brian Benjamin as her pick for Lieutenant Governor, Citizen Action President Ivette Alfonso released the following statement

“We are hopeful that this new administration will address the mistakes of the past administration and turn the page in New York politics. This is a chance to push forward a people’s agenda that benefits the many and not only the wealthy and well-connected.

“Governor Hochul and Lieutenant Governor Benjamin can immediately take up legislation to ensure that all New Yorkers have safe and affordable housing and access to child care, and move forward policies which tax the rich to invest in our communities. They must put parole justice legislation front and center as a priority, including the Elder Parole and Fair and Timely Parole bills co-sponsored by Senator Benjamin that failed to pass this year. 

“This new administration will set the tone for what happens during the upcoming legislative session, and we remain optimistic that they will embrace this opportunity to finally create a state government that champions policies and reforms which reflect the will of everyday New Yorkers.”