Albany, NY – In response to the unjust arrests and targeting of several social justice and Black Lives Matter supporters, Citizen Action President Ivette Alfonso released the following statement:

“The targeting and arrests of at least 15 community activists by Saratoga Springs police is an attempt to silence those who speak out against police brutality and the racist status quo. Protestors who fight for the common good in defense of Black lives are often met with police violence here in the Capital Region. There has been a broad attempt to vilify and delegitimize our multi-racial movement for Black liberation for decades under the guise of maintaining law and order. When police choose to issue bogus warrants and violently arrest a mother in front of her children, they are reinforcing the same racist power structures we fight against everyday.

“Instead of working to improve police-community relationships, Saratoga police went out of their way to hunt down and make an example of brave community leaders by putting their families in harm’s way. Decisions like this only give us more reasons to continue to fight for meaningful police reform and accountability in the Capital Region and communities across New York.”