Albany, NY – In response to the November 2 Election Day results, Ivette Alfonso, president at Citizen Action of New York, released the following statement: 

“After years of grassroots organizing to hold police accountable, Albany voters helped carry Proposal 7 across the finish line. This is a testament to the work of people organizing over years to demand that the government keep our communities safe for everyone. The passage of Proposal 7 will empower an independent body made up of community members to provide real oversight of the Albany Police Department and hold police accountable when they engage in misconduct or brutality. This is one example of people making their voices heard, and why we must ensure government upholds that right and works for the common good.

“We are thankful that Proposal 2 passed, which will ensure the right to clean air and water. Unfortunately, last night’s loss for voting rights measures in New York is a cruel reminder that blue New York is not protected from Trump’s “Big Lie” and big money’s attack on the very foundations of our democracy. Ever more reason that our new local elected officials here and across the nation work tirelessly for the passage of the Freedom to Vote Act in Washington in the next few weeks.”