Binghamton, NYCitizen Action of New York is making its first 2022 state-level endorsement today for Lea Webb, former community organizer, two-time city councilor, and bold progressive candidate dedicated to fighting for housing as a human right, environmental justice, health care for all, and more. Lea is running for New York State Senate in what will very likely be a new State Senate district that includes Broome, Thompkins and parts of Cortland. New district lines are likely to be finalized by the state legislature in the first week of February.

“Lea was an incredible organizer with Citizen Action for over 5 years. She was a tireless advocate for positive change, always going the extra mile. In her time at Citizen Action she worked tirelessly to expand access to affordable, quality health care and worked to engage and organize the community on issues of housing, climate and the environment,” said Korin Kirk, Citizen Action Southern Tier Board Chairperson. “Lea moved on to become an outstanding Binghamton City Council person serving for 8 years. Lea never lost her way and was always our reliable champion for the real issues that affect people’s day to day lives.  As she governed, she never forgot her roots and always remembered why she was elected: to seek justice and to meet the needs of the people who elected her. That is why we enthusiastically endorse Lea Webb for State Senate today.”

“Thank you to the grassroots leaders of Citizen Action for endorsing me as your candidate of choice for NY State Senate. As a lifelong community organizer in the Southern Tier, the work and commitment of Citizen Action of New York to advancing equity in our state is remarkable,” said Lea Webb, Candidate for New York State Senate. “Citizen Action has helped to shape me not only as an organizer, but also as a leader and I am truly grateful. Together, we will continue to advocate for and address the needs of our communities across the state.” 

“Lea is exactly the kind of candidate and Senator we are looking for to represent communities in the halls of Albany,” said Rosemary Rivera, Co-Executive Director of Citizen Action of New York. “A smart, dedicated, energetic change-maker, grounded in her community relationships and values of justice, fairness, and equity for all people. Lea is the kind of person who will inspire voters to the polls this June and November. She is a candidate the Southern Tier can truly believe in. That is why this is our first endorsement, and a race we will make a priority in 2022.” 

Webb currently works as a diversity, equity, and inclusion officer at Binghamton University, and was the first and youngest Black person to ever win a seat on the Binghamton City council. Prior to that, she was an organizer with Citizen Action, with a focus on expanding access to affordable quality health care and engaging and organizing the community on issues of housing, climate and the environment. 

During her time on the City Council, she was a champion for positive change in the key areas of housing, jobs, climate and environment. She led the fight for the city’s local fracking ban, helped to establish a city-wide climate action plan, and even received special recognition from Oprah Winfrey for remedying a food desert in her community. She has repeatedly gone to bat for small businesses and organized labor, leading the fight to pass Equal Pay for Women Legislation in Binghamton, supporting labor agreements for city projects, and preventing the privatization of county nursing homes. 

Passing the New York Health Act, a measure she has long advocated for, will be at the top of her priorities as State Senator. In Albany, she will strongly advocate to close the prevailing wage loophole so that all projects receiving public funding are required to pay prevailing wage.

Citizen Action of New York is a grassroots organization with eight regional chapters and thousands of active members across New York State. The organization works on issues important to our communities, including limiting the influence of money in politics, guaranteeing livable wages and economy-boosting jobs, strong public schools, ending mass incarceration, and more.