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Albany, NY – In response to the Governor Hochul’s new mass incarceration plan yesterday, Stanley Fritz, Political and Campaigns Director for Citizen Action of New York said:

“The safest communities are the ones with the most resources, not the highest jail populations. Governor Hochul’s new plan to throw more people in jail and separate them from their families is exactly the wrong approach to making New York safe for everyone. It will cause people to lose jobs and housing, making us all less safe. Decades of disinvestment in Black and Brown communities have led to under-resourced and over-policed communities that continue to be preyed on by our criminal legal system. Instead of playing into the fear ginned up by the far-right to score political points, we need our governor to make investments in housing, public health, and other social services, the evidence-based programs that actually prevent violence and keep our communities safe for all New Yorkers.”