What are these workshops?

Reversing Runaway Inequality

This community workshop brings us together to discuss how we have come to the massive level of economic inequality we are facing. The economic system in our society was built off of the exploitation of Black communities, and if we don’t fight racism, we will never see economic equality in our society. Click here for more information.

Transforming the Worldview

This workshop discusses narrative building and dissects the dominant narrative that has pushed individualism, free markets, and anti-government into the minds of society members; all while using racism and sexism to maintain a hierarchy. We then discuss what a transformative narrative is before we practice building our narrative.

Breaking the Cycle

This is a three-part curriculum on mass criminalization and mass incarceration built to deepen people’s understanding of the motivations and drivers of the carceral system and help people to redefine safety in their own lives and communities.

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