Albany, NY – These statements were made in response to the reported deal on increasing New York’s minimum wage:

Karen Scharff, Executive Director of Citizen Action of New York, said: “When upstate workers are condemned to poverty, our state’s economy can never thrive. New York City’s workers won a major victory with a guaranteed raise to $15. But, this deal shows how out of touch our state’s leaders are with the needs of upstate’s economy – compared to California, New York is a day late and $2.50 short. Until control of the State Senate changes, the concerns of everyday New Yorkers will always be compromised away.”

Amanda Monroe, a low-wage worker from Albany and a member of Citizen Action of New York, said: “How can our state’s leaders claim a victory when they’ve left my family stuck in poverty? I can’t understand why they think that my work isn’t worth enough to take care of my family. This plan will keep upstate’s economy broken and divides working people in this state. I will not stop fighting for justice and a chance to get my family out of poverty.”


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