Protect Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions!

We need our members of Congress to stand up and demand that the ACA be defended and protected from Donald Trump!


Albany County Workers Need Paid Sick Days!

40% of private sector workers living in Albany County lack even a single paid sick day, promoting economic inequality and threatening public health.


Gov. Cuomo: Stop Trump’s climate attack!

While we fight the Trump administration every step of the way in D.C., New York must lead on climate change by transitioning to 100% renewable energy. It’s up to Governor Cuomo.


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Activist Check In: New Frontier

Dear Activists, Magical things are happening in Albany. Without the IDC to kneecap progress, bills are actually moving. In three days, we passed GENDA and a host of key voting reforms. This was possible because a handful of insurgent candidates and their progressive...

Activist Check In: We Demand a Vote

Dear Activists, Trump's calls for a wall have started to feel as senseless and absurd as Reagan's plan to weaponize space. We're now in week three of the shutdown due to Donald's hubris, and countless federal workers are hurting as a result (even worse, Trump canceled...

Activist Check In: It’s On the House

Dear Activists, Today the Democrats officially took control of the House. And the first bill they're introducing takes aim at big money interests by proposing public campaign financing, a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, and expanded voting...

Activist Check In: All We Want for the Holidays

Dear Activists, Our statewide staff was holed up in a conference room for most of last week so we could strategize about how we plan to win justice for our communities next year. Now that we have a Democratic Senate the change we've been waiting for is finally...