Tell Congress: Defend Democracy!

Together, we are stronger than those who would seek to divide us. We will continue the fight to root out racism in all forms and at all levels of our democracy. It’s time to rebuild stronger together.

It's Time to Invest In OUR New York!

People in our state are hurting. While millions of New Yorkers can’t make rent or put food on the table, the wealthiest have grown over $77 billion richer during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Stop Evictions

Our coalition bill, the Emergency Housing Stability and Displacement Prevention Act (S8667/A10827), would protect New York renters and homeowners from losing their homes. State leaders must act now and pass a true eviction moratorium!

Tell Congress: Pass COVID Relief Now!

We need comprehensive COVID relief now – send a letter to Congress!

Stop Unprecedented Cuts to Education!

Our schools are in dire need of funding and facing devastating cuts that will impact students who need more resources during this crisis, not less. Governor Cuomo must tax the rich to fund public schools.

Victory: New Police Reform Laws

We won three Safer NY Act priorities: Repeal of 50-A, the Police STAT Act and the Special Prosecutor law. Together, these laws improve transparency and accountability of police departments and are important steps toward advancing real safety for Black, Brown, and Indigenous New Yorkers.

Paid Sick Days Resources

In the time of COVID-19, worker benefits like paid sick days and paid family leave provide crucial support to working families. We want workers to be empowered to learn about their benefits, and use them! 

Join the Movement for Justice!

Citizen Action of New York is a statewide grassroots membership organization taking on big issues that are at the center of transforming society—issues that will achieve social, racial, economic and environmental justice in our communities.

Our Victories


Raised Minimum Wage

We fought and won important victories to improve our rights in the workplace, including a minimum wage of $15/hour.

Passed Pretrial Laws

We won new bail, discovery, and speedy trial laws allowing thousands of legally innocent people to await trial from home.

Passed New Tenant Laws

We won the strongest tenant protection laws in the history of New York State.

Upcoming Events

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Activist Check-in: Normal Doesn’t Work

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Activist Check-in: Building the Movement

Dear Activist,  I hope this message finds you well. Here at Citizen Action, we're getting ready for the 2021 Legislative Session and kicking off our major campaign to tax the rich! Our priorities—fully funding public schools, housing and health care as a human right,...

Activist Check-in: Stronger Together

Dear Activist, I hope this message finds you and your loved ones in good health and in good spirits. Marked by giving and acts of kindness, the holiday season is a time when we look for ways to spread cheer and do for others. The holidays also shine a light on poverty...

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