pass our agenda for racial justice!

We only have a few days left for state legislators to take action on our agenda for racial and economic justice.


Albany County Workers Need Paid Sick Days!

40% of private sector workers living in Albany County lack even a single paid sick day, promoting economic inequality and threatening public health.


Gov. Cuomo: Stop Trump’s climate attack!

While we fight the Trump administration every step of the way in D.C., New York must lead on climate change by transitioning to 100% renewable energy. It’s up to Governor Cuomo.





Activist Check In: Getting Ready

AROUND THE STATE This week we're prepping and getting ready for Blackout 2019!!! If you're not ready, I hope you get ready. In less than 3 weeks, Blackout Festival 2019 will be here! It is the first Festival of its kind. The Blackout Festival is a...

Activist Check In: BE FREE

AROUND THE STATE This week we spent time working on our strategy at our 2019 staff retreat. We're away from the office but we will be back soon.  In the meantime, I hope you checkout our upcoming events below and be sure to attend, participate and...

Activist Check In: Don’t Take Up Space

Dear Activist, It was exciting to put faces to names at Justice Works this past week. I hope to see more of you soon! -Charli  AROUND THE STATE This past week we worked hard to pull off Justice Works 2019! After weeks of planning, executing, and...

Activist Check In: Change Creates Change

Dear Activist, JUSTICE WORKS 2019 BEGINS TOMORROW! ARE YOU READY??!! We're excited to meet all of you and we know it's going to be epic epic! (Yes there are two epics here on purpose). -Charli AROUND THE STATE This week we rolled out our...