Protect Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions!

We need our members of Congress to stand up and demand that the ACA be defended and protected from Donald Trump!


Albany County Workers Need Paid Sick Days!

40% of private sector workers living in Albany County lack even a single paid sick day, promoting economic inequality and threatening public health.


Gov. Cuomo: Stop Trump’s climate attack!

While we fight the Trump administration every step of the way in D.C., New York must lead on climate change by transitioning to 100% renewable energy. It’s up to Governor Cuomo.


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Activist Check In: No Wall, No Way

Dear Activists, It's February break for legislators, and we're planning a series of Fair Elections Town Halls across the state. The 100 biggest donors contributed more to state elections in 2018 than the combined 137,000 small donors in New York. And almost all of...

Activist Check In: Hit the Road Jeff

Dear Activists, Hopefully Amazon has learned an important lesson: You can't extort billions in tax breaks and expect people in the community to remain silent. We're inspired by the grassroots organizing that happened to stop Amazon's swindle. Public funds should be...

Activist Check In: Big No to SOTU

Dear Activists, Surprise, surprise: Donald Trump used his State of the Union address to push his anti-worker, anti-immigrant, anti-environment agenda. But we know that there is nothing that scares Trump and the GOP more than a vibrant, inclusive democracy that counts...

Activist Check In: Pay Your Workers

Dear Activists, The Trump tantrum is over—after nearly five weeks—and thousands of contract workers still haven't received the back pay they deserve. Contract workers, including cleaners, cooks, and security people, are among the lowest paid government workers, and...