Endorsements & Elections

Our 2024 Endorsed Candidates


U.S. Congress

14th Congressional District: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
16th Congressional District: Jamaal Bowman
21st Congressional District: Paula Collins

NY State senate

Senate District 2: Craig Herskowitz
Senate District 18: Julia Salazar
Senate District 25: Jabari Brisport
Senate District 37: Shelley Mayer
Senate District 38: Elijah Reichlin-Melnick
Senate District 40: Pete Harckham
Senate District 41: Michelle Hinchey
Senate District 48: Rachel May
Senate District 52: Lea Webb
Senate District 54: Scott Comegys
Senate District 55: Samra Brouk
Senate District 59: Kristen Gonzalez


Assembly District 31: Khaleel Anderson
Assembly District 34: Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas
Assembly District 37: Claire Valdez
Assembly District 50: Emily Gallagher
Assembly District 51: Marcela Mitaynes
Assembly District 69: Eli Northrup
Assembly District 70: Maria OrdoƱez
Assembly District 72: Manny De Los Santos
Assembly District 74: Harvey Epstein
Assembly District 86: Yudelka Tapia
Assembly District 103: Sarahana Shrestha
Assembly District 106: Claire Cousin
Assembly District 109: Gabriella Romero
Assembly District 130: James Schuler
Assembly District 136: Sarah Clark
Assembly District 137: Demond Meeks

MORE TO Be announced…

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