Voting in New York

General Voting Information

How do I vote in the 2022 Primary Elections?

New Yorkers have three ways to vote in New York. Choose the best option to make your voice heard.

  • Early Voting: Vote in-person from June 19 to June 26. Voters may visit ANY of the Early Voting Centers in the county where they reside, except in New York City, where voters are assigned by address to ONE early voting site. Locate your county’s early voting site.
  • Vote by Absentee/Mail-in: After you’ve applied for and received your ballot, sign and date the back of your absentee ballot envelope. Check out the deadlines for voting by absentee/mail-in ballot.
  • Primary Day: All registered voters eligible to vote in a primary election can vote in-person on June 28. If you’ve applied for an Absentee, otherwise known as a Mail-in Ballot, you MAY NOT vote in-person unless you do so by affidavit.


2022 Important Dates for New York Primary

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 – Primary Election

  • Friday, June 3: Last day to register in-person at the BOE or to have voter registration form postmarked, if mailed to the BOE
  • Wednesday, June 8: Last day by which voter registration form must be received by the BOE to be eligible to vote in the June primary
  • Monday, June 13: Last day to request an absentee/mail-in ballot online or postmark if requested by mail
  • Saturday, June 18 through Sunday, June 26: Early Voting Days
  • Monday, June 27: Last day to apply in-person for an absentee/mail-in ballot
  • Tuesday, June 28: Primary Election Day for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Comptroller, State Assembly, Judicial Delegates and Alternates, any local offices that are scheduled to be on the ballot
  • Tuesday, June 28: Last day to postmark your absentee/mail-in ballot or drop it off at a poll site by the close of polls
  • Tuesday, July 5: Last day by which your mailed absentee/mail-in ballot must be RECEIVED by the BOE.


** FOR 2022 ONLY ** we will have a second Primary Election due to the NY Court of Appeals striking down new redistricting lines drawn earlier this year.

  • Sunday, August 12 through Sunday, August 21: Early Voting Days
  • Tuesday, August 23: Primary Election Day for State Senate, US Congress


Voting Updates: New Rules for Absentee (Mail-in) Voting

NEW! If you apply for an absentee ballot, you may NOT vote in-person at the polls other than through an affidavit ballot.

To have a ballot mailed to your home or elsewhere, you must request a ballot in the following ways:

  • By going in-person to your local county board of elections
  • By designating another person to deliver your application in-person to your local county board of elections and receive your ballot.
  • Apply for an absentee ballot online.

Locate your county board of elections. Consult the deadlines listed earlier.

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Additional Information


Restoration of Voting Rights for Previously Incarcerated Persons

Persons that are currently on probation, parole, incarcerated while awaiting trial, or incarcerated for a misdemeanor have the right to vote, providing they meet the other criteria, which are:

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Be 18 years old (you may pre-register at 16 or 17 but cannot vote until you are 18)
  • Reside in NY and the county, city, or village for at least 30 days before the election
  • Not be deemed mentally incompetent by a court
  • Not claim the right to vote elsewhere.

Persons formerly incarcerated will likely need to submit a new voter registration form, even if they were previously registered.


Voting Rights of the Unhoused

Persons experiencing homelessness can register to vote

  • Using a street corner, park, or other public space as their physical address
  • Using a friend’s, family member’s, or shelter’s address for their physical or mailing address

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be enrolled in a party to vote in New York Primary Elections?

New York State is a Closed Primary State, which means that you may ONLY vote in a party’s primary election if you are enrolled in that party. People who vote in primary elections have a voice in determining who is on the November ballot. 

The deadline to change your party affiliation in time for 2022’s June Primary Election has passed.


Do I have any options if I want to vote in-person but cannot use a pen to complete the paper ballot?

Yes, you can bring someone to assist you, request assistance from the poll workers, or use a Ballot Marking Device (“BMD”) to mark your ballot at the polling site. However, anyone who assists you cannot be your employer or union representative.


What is a Ballot Marking Device?

A Ballot Marking Device, also known as a BMD, is a device that can assist you in marking your paper ballot and is designed to provide privacy and accessibility to voters at their polling site.


Can I use a Ballot Marking Device?

Yes. All voters, including voters with disabilities, have the right to use a Ballot Marking Device to mark their ballot. The BMD is only used to mark the paper ballot; you need to scan the marked ballot in the counting device to cast your vote. Poll site workers can help voters use the BMDs.

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